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We carefully review and design every program to enhance the healthy you! Did we mention, it just makes you feel BETTER than ever?

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Every event is for connecting all women, regardless of race, size, age, or religion. We are all on earth together by the grace of our Lord!

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About Us.

Perfume Gardens "The Boutique For The Ultimate You" established in 1981 has offered events and services for women in the community to help enhance the Mind, Body and Spirit such as: Unity of Sisterhood, Hajja Enhancement Salon featuring Workshops in: Aromatherapy Perfume Oils, Hair and Skin Care, Natural Food for Better Health, Home Enrichment Design, Social Graces and Shape Up With Sajdah Fitness and Health Programs. The Custom Exclusive Designs of the Um"rani Collection" for all occasions including Lingerie and Loungewear. Which helps women to "Get Out the Box" and "Be Yourself....Fabulous Forever". The families new generation is taking Perfume Gardens to another level. Her daughter, Qadirah the Garden Princess of Perfume Gardens, is a Creative Artist of Islamic Art & Design. She has incorporated her unique flare and style with "Doll Me Up" Outfit Coordination and the Purple Hijab Club. With her years of experience in Ballet & Modern Dance dance she has developed a fitness class " BellyNotiqa, "The Secret Core Strengthener". As an Author of her first book, "A Child's Wish" it will be the first of many on " The Purple Bookshelf". Events are host in various categories. Click on Events for more information. Sister Sakkdk Designer & Model is a Creative & Performing Artist. As a Mezzo Soprano Concert Vocalist, she has written many of her songs of spiritual inspiration. She has traveled across the globe gaining insight from the various cultures and lifestyles. This has motivated Sis. Sajdah to not only start the "Um'rani Cultural Center" that pertains to Cultural Development & Civilization from around the world but to have the "Sisters in the Spirit" "Unity Of Sisterhood" at home and also abroad. Thus establishing The "Universal Unity of Sisterhood.. Reaching Across the Globe", breaking the barriers that keep us apart so that we can learn how to live together in Peace and Harmony. This also gives her the incentive to start a Photo Gallery Exhibition so that others may look upon the magnitude of the Creator. Her family calls her "Traveling Umi". Sis. Sajdah (Hajja) joyfully speaks about her Hajj, Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudia Arabia being the most magnificent journey of them all! A journey in one's Lifetime. A mother of five children, twelve grandchildren, ten great grandchildren, family and friends are her inspiration to continue to share the many Blessings that are a Gift from Allah Subhannahu wa ta'ala. Sis. Sajdah continuously spreads the message for the Mind, Body and Spirit with Peace, Love and Joy, giving Praise and Thanks wherever she goes!



CEO / Founder

Senior business consultant, fitness instructor, model, singer, and did we mention, she is a grandmother of twelve children? She dedicates her passion and life to female wellness and eager to nurture the potential of every woman.



Perfume Gardens Princess

Senior educator who has a strong passion and solid skills from fitness to writting children books. She loves to share and help. She is eager to help more women and children, so she joined Perfume Gardens!




A professional web developer and inspirational leader. He craves great products and services, therefore, he desires to help Perfume Gardens become even more successful as a wholesome female products & services company!



Senior Fitness Instructor

"You never have enough of her moves! Its passionate! Its a blast!" describes her work, perfectly!

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